SAP reaches out to Oracle

SAP, the financial software providers, confirmed it has contacted competitor
Oracle to discuss issues such as its planned merger with Sun Microsystems.

Léo Apotheker, SAP CEO, wrote to Oracle chief executive Larry Ellison asking
for a meeting where they could discuss the planned acquisition and other “open
issues “, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Apotheker wrote: “As you know, we have significant concerns about Oracle’s
proposed takeover of Sun. We renew our invitation to meet to attempt to resolve
our concerns and other open issues between our companies. Please let us know if
and when you would like to meet.”

Oracle are still waiting for the European Commision to gives its verdict on
whether the proposed acquisition of Sun Microsystems does not break
anti-competitive rules and will be accepted. The US anti-trust authorities have
already given the green light.

The WSJ predicts the EC could issue a statement of objections to the merger
and that anti-trust cops sometimes appear more concerned with protecting
competitors, in this instance SAP, than doing what is best for the consumer –
although the Commission denies this.

The EC is expected to give its verdict in January, despite Oracle pleading
for a quicker turnaround as Sun loses $100m (£58m) a month.

It is thought Oracle made the Sun bid as it owns the Java programming
language, used on Blackberry’s and mobile phones.

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