B2B set for dramatic revival, says Deloitte

B2B, the subject of a recent barrage of doom and gloom predictions, today stands poised for a dramatic rebirth. Clearly, the euphoric rise in the number of e-marketplaces has peaked – at least in the US, where the current number teeters at 1,275. However, Deloitte Consulting sees a new genesis for B2B. In this revival, the so-called “shakeout” will serve as a healthy catalyst for accelerating the transformation of confused “hype” into an incredibly profitable “reality”.

Based on its proprietary B2B research and experience, Deloitte has defined the new models that will arise in the next 24 months among e-marketplaces and member companies, the strategies that these players will use to succeed and the results that they can expect.

“The past year has been tremendously difficult for e-marketplaces and member companies. We see a light at the end of the B2B tunnel,” says John Ferreira, co-leader of Deloitte Consulting’s business-to-business practice.

“The hype-driven focus of the last year is changing into an ROI-driven focus. As a result, in the next 24 months, both e-marketplaces and member companies will undertake innovative and surprising new approaches to B2B; dramatically altering the nature of their corporate boundaries and relationships.

Many B2B participants – e-marketplaces, member companies and application system providers – will enjoy rocketing success. This success in B2B will not belong to those who were “first-to-market”, as initially believed.

Rather, success will be driven by the ability of the various participants to adopt the business models Deloitte has identified.”

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