Gold for accountant at Chelsea Flower Show

A retired accountant has earned himself a gold medal at the Chelsea Flower
Show for creating an authentic Shetland crofthouse garden using plants.

Sixty-one-year-old Martin Anderson, who has never designed a garden before,
came up with the idea while on holiday in the Shetlands last year.

‘I am an accountant, not a gardener — I mow the law at home, but that’s about
it,’ he said.

‘It was the challenge of just doing it, and for the Motor Neurone Disease

Anderson’s design features the endangered Shetland Mouse-ear which grows only
on one square mile of one island in the Shetlands, the Times reported.

‘I wanted it fresh so [I] had to dash up to Edinburgh on the Flying Scotsman
to pick it up on Saturday from the Royal Botanic Garden. The seed came from
Unst; it’s going back to Shetland after the show,’ he said.

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