ICAS puts fast-track qualification on hold

Link: ICAS in disciplinary u-turn

Plans to open up the prestigious CA qualification to those without a degree were proposed in last October’s strategy review, Fast Forward to 2010.

But subsequent consultation revealed members were not keen on the idea, which has consequently been put into cold storage.

Ian Marrian, the chief executive, said: ‘Members were generally very supportive about the aims of the strategy, but there was some polarisation on the issue of taking people straight from school.’

He said further research would aim to establish the viability of breaking what is an effective entry requirement of a degree. At present only 1% of CA trainees are not graduates.

‘We are now trying to establish what the market thinks about the proposal and to see whether there is a supply of [school leavers] who would be interested. It’s not something we are going to rush into,’ he said.

The research is due to be completed later this year, The Herald reported.

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