Free-to-use database of bankrupts goes live

Link: Individual insolvency numbers soar

The database, launched yesterday, is free and provides instant access to information about un-discharged bankrupts, whether an individual is the subject of a bankruptcy restrictions order (BRO) or party to an individual voluntary arrangement.

‘Members of the public, alongside businesses and ‘professional searchers’ can make informed decisions about whom they deal with, quickly and easily based on the information disclosed by their search,’ said Desmond Flynn, chief executive and inspector general of The Insolvency Service.

‘They now have instant access to information about bankrupts, available free of charge, 24hrs a day 7 days a week. The clear identification of those bankrupts against whom BROs are made will enable people to identify those whose financial failure was tainted by misconduct.’

For more information about the work of The Service or the database see

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