Ex KPMG director jailed for fraud

The former KPMG director who fraudulently claimed more than half a million
pounds in expenses to fund his wife’s extravagant lifestyle has been sentenced
to four years in prison.

Andrew Wetherall of Hertfordshire admitted to false accounting and fraud at
Southwark’s Crown Court the

Wetherall previously told police he had stolen the money for his wife because
“he did not want her lifestyle to suffer.”

He used the expense system at KPMG to swindle the firm out of cash by keeping
his claims below the £5,000 threshold. This meant Wetherall would not have to
undergo further authorisation to have money paid to his account.

The Big Four Firm has said in a statement made earlier this year, it had
changed its internal procedures to prevent this type of fraud from taking place
in the future.

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