Dome asset list to fight theft

The New Millennium Experience Company – the organisation established to design, construct and fill the dome – revealed it has adopted software to track and value every asset.

The dome (above) has a raft of associated assets. There are an estimated 9,000 items including IT and office furniture, supporting pylons and the famous roof.

Bar coding also enables assets to be monitored for calculating depreciated net book value.

NMEC also needs to ensure it can account for its inventory in a comprehensive asset register, a factor in choosing Surrey-based Hardcat’s asset register software.

‘Initially, we are only going to use Hardcat for tracking assets in the dome, and at our office sites,’ said NMEC fixed asset manager Iain Rees.

‘But we pre-empted the fact that we would want reports on our asset value in preparation for the sell-off of assets after the dome’s construction.’

The asset data will be passed to the dome’s future owners.

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