Taking Stock – The hidden meaning that’s in a name.

TS would like to bring the attention of its loyal readers to the creative wordsmiths at the Professional Contractors Group who have aired their ire over IR35 tax proposals by rearranging the letters of Tony and his cronies. The anagramists took a long look at Dawn Primarolo and found concealed in the paymaster general’s name the telling phrase ‘She real mean party get?’ More scrutiny and the letters revealed the truth contractors want us to hear, ‘damn poor IR law.’ Tony Blair may have concealed his real political leanings but the anagram ‘I’m Tory plan B’ or even ‘liar by Ton’ says it all; while next door neighbour Gordon Brown offers ‘Born wrong – O.D’ or ‘go drown nobr’. Readers, what can you see in the names of the great and good? TS would like to hear your warped word play if on the lines of the classic ‘I’m an evil Tory bigot’, aka Virginia Bottomley. Gripping variations on IR35 themes from wordsmiths can be e-mailed to

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