Charity’s accounts frozen over alleged terror links

The Charity Commission has frozen the bank accounts of charity Crescent
Relief after launching a formal inquiry into alleged links with terrorist abuse
of charitable funds.

In a statement, the Commission said the inquiry would focus on whether or not
the charity’s funds, or funds raised on its behalf, were used unlawfully. It
will also consider the financial policies and practices of the charity.

The accounts have been frozen as a temporary and protective measure, and
cannot be used by the charity without express permission from the commission.

Kenneth Dibble, director of legal and charity services, said: ‘We are working
with law enforcement agencies to get to the bottom of allegations of possible
terrorist abuse of Crescent Relief funds. The allegations made are very serious,
and we are taking this action to protect the charity’s funds while the
investigation is underway.’

Once the inquiry is completed, a full report will be issued setting out the
Commission’s findings.

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