FDs prefer to purr in a Jaguar

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A new survey by company car finance firm Alphabet found that finance managers would choose a jaguar, take their partner and go on a trip somewhere in England if they had free choice of car, companion and destination.

FDs other favourite cars were, in order, BMWs, Ferraris, TVRs and Alpha Romeos.

By comparison company directors went for Porsches, BMWs, Range Rovers, Mercedes’ and Ferraris.

Across the four executive types surveyed – company, finance, fleet and human resources – BMWs were by far the most popular choice.

Women preferred jaguars, men went for beemers, while the English coastline was the most popular destination.

Martin Haley, general manager, sales and marketing at Alphabet said: ‘The idea of cruising down to the coast in a classy convertible may be a bit of a clich‚ but our survey shows that it’s an image that’s still close to the hearts of British motorists.

‘The fleet manager who wanted to take his mistress to the moon and back in a Mercedes was presumably trying to make the most of free fuel benefit. On the other hand, we’re pretty certain that the respondent who wanted to go to Nottingham in a Ford Ka to visit her mum had simply misunderstood the aim of the survey.’

An interesting piece of trivia: only fleet managers wanted to take a mistress of lover with them on their fantasy getaway.

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