Army seeks accountants to bolster troops

Link: PwC wins US army training contract

A recruitment section dubbed human resources administration and finance has been created to provide career paths for those seeking training in finance. It’s one of nine new bodies designed to combat army under-manning and will also issue new career information packs.

Brigadier Simon Young, commander of the recruiting group, said: ‘Like all employers we are operating in a fiercely competitive job market in which young people are far more discerning and sophisticated in their job search and look for more from employers.’

Finance specialists work as military clerks in the Adjutant General’s Corps, which offers training in business administration, finance and accounting and payroll management, among others.

The publicity material reminds applicants they still have to do 12 weeks basic training to become a soldier but also points out that military clerks can be attached to UK embassies and High Commissions around the world in places such as Jamaica, Mexico City and New York.

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