Vodafone FD to pick up £2m bonus

The multimillion pound bonus is part of a cash and shares windfall for Vodafonedirectors following the Mannesmann deal earlier this year and the creation ofthe UK’s largest plc.

Chief executive Chris Gent will receive a £10m incentive payment, which Vodafoneclaimed would compensate for his under-payment compared to other multinationalbosses.

European director Julian Horn-Smith is also set to receive £2m.

Gent last year earned a basic salary of £837,000 plus a standard incentivepackage just under £500,000.

Shareholders concerned about the fat cat bonuses are reported to have labelledthe package as ‘staggering’.

Mannesmann shareholders protested in Germany last month against chairman KlausEsser receiving a euros 30m (£19m) golden handshake before his departure.

Vodafone plan to take Mannesmann offshore

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