IBM extends FutureBrand alliance to Europe

The alliance, which was originally announced in May 2000, has been extended into Europe following the successful completion of a number of major branding projects in North America. It will complement IBM’s portfolio of e-business services.

Together, FutureBrand and IBM have Europe’s largest team of strategy and design specialists in corporate and consumer branding across all major industry segments. This highly specialised team will deliver a full range of services targeting integrated marketing strategy, brand strategy and brand management combined with business insight, creative imagination and technology enablement designed to take their clients successfully into the e-marketspace.

“As e-business processes inevitably become a core competency for major global companies in both the B2B and B2C markets, success will become increasingly defined by the nature and quality of interactions brands establish with their customers across multiple channels. These economic forces are driving client demand for e-branding solutions that create a consistent brand experience in both physical and virtual environments,” said Steve Byrne, executive consultant for IBM Global Services.

“This alliance allows IBM and its partners to meet the market demand for this next generation of e-business solutions.”

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