TakingStock – Colin, our fictional friend, is not an estate agent.

Oh dear. It seems Colin has been upsetting people again. Estate agent Winkworth has got in touch to protest about an alarming similarity between the name of Colin’s employer and its own chosen moniker. Any visitor to will know our financial friend works for Winkwater International. To our eternal discredit we recently referred to it as Winkworths. At the request of Winkworths we are happy to make clear Colin is a fictional accountant working for a fictional company that is in no way related to the estate agents.

The Colin cartoons in the 15 February 2001 and 8 March 2001 issues incorrectly referred to Colin’s company as Winkworths rather than the fictional company Winkwater. We apologise for any confusion that these cartoons might have caused.

Colin, we should stress for the benefit of any reader who might think otherwise, is not real. Nor does he work for a real company. Nor, for that matter, is he an estate agent.

He is, we can now reveal, an accountant who is a figment of our cartoonist’s imagination.

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