FDs give thumbs up to chancellor.

Of the FDs polled some 65% said they would like Brown to remain in office if Labour wins the next general election.

Just 18% of those surveyed in the Accountancy Age/Reed Accountancy Personnel Big Question said they wanted Brown to go while 17% remained neutral.

Overwhelmingly however, the FDs polled backed Brown. ‘He has created stability,’ said one FD, ‘the economy is stable and unemployment is at its lowest levels’.

Another finance director added: ‘He provides Labour with a much-needed gravitas on things financial and is a stable influence within the government.’

Paula Norman of Charter House backed the chancellor, but with a little cynicism saying ‘better the devil you know.’

One FD, who remained anonymous, said that he supported Brown ‘because he is a tight-fisted Jock, money is safe with him’.

Geismar FD Rod Poxon was one of those who protested: ‘He is conceited, arrogant and wants to take money just for the sake of it. There is #20bn just sat there doing nothing in the war chest. He is not spending on hospitals, schools, or anything.’

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