Deloitte switches to CCH

Deloitte has turned to an external software supplier, CCH, in order to meet
its growing demand for online personal tax filings – with the firm processing
over 20,000 returns over the internet in the last tax year.

The Big Four firm has chosen CCH to supply personal tax software following
its decision to upgrade existing software which was under pressure as HMRC
continues to incentivise the move to online filing.

The firm undertook a search for external suppliers and chose CCH, owned by
Wolters Kluwer, as it believed the software was the most easily transferable
with existing data.

Andy Lodge, tax partner at Deloitte said: ‘We needed to find a suitable
replacement for our existing tax solution.’

‘Only CCH provided the tools that could make this possible and its tax
software was by far the easiest to use, significantly speeding up the completion
time for returns’ he added.

Deloitte made 22,000 efilings in the last tax year 2008-09 equating to
approximately 1,200 per day during the peak filing period.

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