Illiteracy to stall India’s growth

India’s phenomenal growth rate of 6% a year, and increasing use as an
outsourcing location, will be unsustainable without social reform and
infrastructure development, according to a panel of experts.

At a recent question time event, The Indian economy: elephant or tiger?,
hosted by credit insurer Atradius, the panel warned that there was ‘no effective
programme for improving basic education and infrastructure in the country’,
which will hinder India’s future growth.

India is turning out a huge number of high calibre engineering and science
graduates – three times more than the US. But literacy levels are very low – 45%
among Indian women, compared with 87% among Chinese women. This could lead to
problems in the future, and may see China becoming the preferred location.

Jane Lodge, head of the UK manufacturing group at Deloitte, has been
appointed to the CBI’s manufacturing council. The council influences mainstream
CBI policy and government. Lodge brings to council extensive specialist
knowledge and almost 30 years experience of advising leading manufacturers
around the world for Deloitte.

She was a member of the CBI West Midlands regional council for five years and
was given the Birmingham and West Midlands Society of Chartered Accountants’
lifetime achievement award in 2003.

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