Ad agencies go to work on profession’s image

As part of our ongoing campaign to help the profession stem the tide of negativity sweeping over it, we asked three leading UK design agencies to create campaigns to restore that reputation.

Consultants whose fees once accounted for so much of the Big Five’s income have learned the power of advertising when it comes to winning business and changing public perceptions. The accountants and consultants left behind must now learn the same.

Earlier this month, Deloitte Consulting announced the appointment of brand consultants Interbrand and Creative Capital to ‘support the firm throughout its relaunch following its separation from Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu later this year’. Asked why, Deloitte Consulting chief marketing officer Brian Fugere said: ‘To liberate consulting from its crushing dullness.’

Dullness used to be accountancy’s problem. Today its problems are far more serious.

Click HERE to see the ads the agencies designed.

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