Lying on CVs reaches epidemic levels

Link: Lying on CVs costs UK billions

These were the key findings of the latest survey of CV lies and inaccuracies carried out by The Risk Advisory Group, the CV-screening agency.

Amongst the different job sectors, IT applicants were the worst offenders with 70% of their CVs containing some form of discrepancy, lie or omission. Undeclared directorships were particularly high for this group.

Overall 62% of applicants were found to have discrepancies in their CVs for the second quarter of 2002, up from 54%, year-on-year.

These included falsifying qualifications, gaps in employment and not revealing fraud committed against previous employees.

Overall, the most common inaccuracies were to do with employment history, academic history and financial and personal background.

Bill Waite, chief executive of TRAG said: ‘Much of what we uncover is simply the result of mild exaggeration or inadvertent error, rather than malicious intent. But there is a growing tendency for people to feel they can cheat their way in.’

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