Audit Scotland introduces new operating code

A new Code of audit practice has been published today by
Audit Scotland.
The body said that the new Code would continue a trend across the UK public
sector for ‘higher level statements of principles with less emphasis on detailed
rules for auditors.’

The revamped code will also reinforce the need for auditors to work in
partnership with the watchdog and each other, and with regard for the work of
other scrutiny bodies.

Since the last Code was published in 2001 there have been a number of
significant developments affecting auditors and audited bodies. The body said
these include the introduction of Best Value in local government and the
development of a ‘risk-focused, audit approach by Audit Scotland and changes in
the way our programme of national performance studies is delivered’. 

Robert Black, auditor general for Scotland, said: ‘The Code of Audit Practice
is an important document prepared through consultation with audited bodies,
appointed auditors and other stakeholders. It sets the general framework for how
external audit work should be carried out in the Scottish public sector. 

‘The Code must be followed by auditors appointed by the auditor general and
the Accounts Commission.  Through the changes in the approach in the Code we
hope to reduce the scrutiny burden on public bodies whilst increasing the
contribution made by audit to service improvement.’

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