Al Gore booked for ACCA Hong Kong event

International environmental campaigner, Al Gore, is to grace an
ACCA-organised event in Hong Kong, where he will deliver a speech on linking
climate change, ethics and sustainability.

Gore’s widely acclaimed environmental,
An Inconvenient Truth
, took an Oscar for Best Documentary Feature at the Annual Academy Awards
and is set to elaborate on this during his talk to an audience of business
leaders and politicians from Hong Kong, Mainland China and across the Asia
Pacific Region.

The event is part of a series of global events organised by ACCA for 2007,
with a focus on professionalism and ethics.

Allen Blewitt, ACCA chief executive, said: ‘We are delighted that former vice
president Gore has agreed to work with ACCA to highlight the importance of
ethical and sustainable businesses at a time when serious business leaders are
focussing on global issues like climate change.

‘ACCA has been campaigning for over 15 years for organisations to measure and
manage their activities, thereby ensuring more sustainable businesses. To have
Mr Gore, the world’s leading environmental champion, speaking at our event,
re-inforces our commitment to this critical issue.’

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