NHS looks to recruit 130 FDs

Some 40 PCTs, which are responsible for commissioning hospital care and running community services, were created last year in two waves. But the movement really gets underway in just over two months’ time, with up to 130 new trusts expected to be given the go-ahead by health secretary Alan Milburn.

Eventually up to 250 additional FDs jobs are expected to emerge, taking account of the new PCT roles and the expected mergers of health authorities.

It is being seen as a major boost to the NHS finance career path.

The current batch of NHS finance directors are young, typically 35-45, and there have been concerns that this could stifle the careers of deputy directors and other finance managers.

‘It is good news for the finance function in terms of career progression,’ said Pat Taylor, head of finance staff development at the NHS Executive in Leeds.

Salaries for the new PCT finance directors, who are seen more as deputy chief executives, seem to be increasing. Last year salaries on offer ranged from Pounds 40,000 to Pounds 50,000, but competition for the best staff is higher this year because of the number of new PCTs involved.

The executive is keen to attract a mix of existing FDs and deputies to the roles, but few finance directors will be prepared to take a pay cut to move job, forcing remuneration packages up. Salaries as high as Pounds 78,000 are being offered for the bigger PCTs.


Are you cut out to be an NHS FD?

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