Three accountants among UK’s top directors

Link: Sharman is having a vine time

The Times Power 100 list published today placed the former ASB member among the five most important company directors. He was closely followed by Sir Francis, currently chairman of Compass Group, who came in at number seven.

Mackay, a chartered accountant, is known as the driving force behind the restaurant and pub company and was finance director of the group when it was part of Grand Met. In 1987, Sir Francis was part of the management buyout from Grand Met.

Former KPMG chairman Lord Sharman found himself toward the bottom of the list at number 94.

The list was topped by Sir Robert Wilson, head of natural resources company Rio Tinto. Other honourable mentions include Sir George Mathewson, chairman of the Royal Bank of Scotland, and Sir Christopher Bland of BT Group.

The highest-placed female in the group is Baroness Hogg who comes in at number 38 as chairman of FTSE-100 venture capitalist group 3i. Only six of the people mentioned are women.

The list ranks the leaders according to the number of directorships, their company’s size and the type of directorships they hold.

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