PwC issues advice for carmakers moving into Europe

Manufacturers looking to set up automotive production facilities in the
Central and Eastern European
member states of the EU need to not only
select the right country but also the right place within that country, according
to PwC.

PwC said companies should focused on how to
choose the right location.

It said that only by focusing on local, as well as national, issues and
comparing specific cities in exhaustive detail can a company identify to what
extent a location will meet its specific requirements.

Differences in employment laws and tax regimes, are relatively easy to
identify, the firm said but comparing local characteristics such as the
availability of skilled labour, planning regulations and quality of utilities is
much harder, and it is these that can make or break a move.

Matt Pottle, Central and Eastern Europe automotive leader at PwC said:
‘Choosing the right location is a time-consuming exercise but one in which local
knowledge is absolutely essential. It is only once the right place has been
identified that an automotive company can start to manage the transition from
one factory to another.’

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