Taxman ‘fined’ £500 by H W Vaughan

A Swansea-based firm has won £500 from the taxman after a struggling company
had to wait months for a £15,000 refund.

H W Vaughan said it completed the relevant forms for the repayment last
December, but then faced a series of delays in trying to secure the money.

‘The query was passed between different HMRC employees and paperwork went
missing on several occasions,’ H W Vaughan said in a statement.

The client finally received the rebate last month, but not before H W Vaughan
had paid for numerous additional letters and phone calls in addition to staff

H W Vaughan partner Russell Halliday then demanded a further £500 to cover
the costs arising from the delay, which HMRC agreed to pay.

Halliday said: ‘We kept being passed around departments, everyone was blaming
everyone else, and some paperwork had to be sent three times – there’s simply no
excuse for that kind of delay.’

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