Firms urged to spend more on marketing

Brand marketing has become increasing important to the accountancy profession as it faces tremendous change due to technological advances, according to Lyne Noella, managing director of LarsonAllan Marketing group and named ‘marketeer of the year’ by the US Association for Accounting Marketing.

‘A compelling message is necessary to make a firm stand out from the rest,’ she said. ‘Do something different.’

She suggested making use of surveys, hosted chats and case studies – all of which should be provided over a firm’s website.

Noella also suggested firms draw up a five-year marketing plan and increase spending yearly.

The importance of marketing was also central in speeches made by Sam Allred partner at Anderson Zurnuehlen and Gary Boomer, he’s a chartered accountant and founder of Boomer Consulting Inc a firm specialising in providing technology and management consulting to us accountancy firms.

One of the issues that keep many US partners awake at night was marketing, according to Boomer.

Despite hailing the benefits of good marketing strategy Noella said: ‘Marketing is like a religion either you believe or you don’t’.

Don’t ‘shoot from the hip’, says US accountant

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