Business opposed to more employment rules

The national economic survey by the UK200 Group also revealed a similar number were opposed to joining the euro and ditching the pound. This contrast with a survey released yesterday indicating that nearly half of chartered accountants were in favour of joining the euro but did not think the UK should commit to a specific timetable for joining.

Only five per cent of the respondents felt prospects for business over the next six months were worse than this time last year, and a third said prospects were good for the next six months.

David Turnball, chief executive of the UK 200 Group, said: ‘The combined assault of bureaucracy from Brussels and Westminster is seriously in danger of strangling enterprise. Faced with the volcanic flow of recent and planned regulations, smaller businesses are hit disproportionately hard because they often lack the resources to cope.’

The survey also showed an equal split in satisfaction levels with the current government.

Forty eight per cent claimed the government was performing satisfactorily for the growing busniess sector, while 47% said it was performing badly.

But only eight per cent felt the Conservatives would perform well if the party were returned to power, with 51% saying it would perform satisfactorily.


ICAEW survey shows euro support

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