New English ICA president Ward calls for service ethos

‘The days of the public saying “tell me” and of the profession saying ‘trust me’ are over’, he said. ‘Reputation must now be earned and demonstrated on a daily basis.’

He promised to drive into place new DTI agreed regulation for the profession and the forthcoming OFT enquiry.

‘I believe firmly that the rules surrounding obtaining our qualifications and the ethical standards which we follow are in the public interest and that we can demonstrate this to be so’, he said

He also stressed the role of small to medium sized enterprises in the UK economy, which will be assessed in a new Institute review.

Michael Groom was elected as deputy president and Peter Wyman will takeover as vice president.

A graduate of Jesus College, Oxford, Ward qualified as a chartered accountant at Price Waterhouse in 1977 and subsequently has been heavily involved with the electricity utilities industry.

An advisor for electricity privatisation in the UK, he founded a PriceWaterhouse European electricity service in 1990, before he was made the firm’s director of business development and chairman of its world utilities group.

In 1998, the merged PwC group appointed him world utilities leader of its global energy and mining group.

Present appointments include the vice-chairmanship of the British Energy Association and a World Energy Council study group, as well as membership of the parliamentary group for energy studies.

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