Small companies ignore security protection

Link: Worm virus infecting 30,000 systems an hour

According to the poll conducted for BT Openworld, some 28% of companies said software solutions that could protect their businesses from security threats would not be of any practical use.

The study of 300 small and medium-sized enterprises found this disregard for IT security was most pronounced among smaller firms employing less than five people.

Neville Manuel, vice-president of value-added services at BT Openworld said in a statement: ‘It’s frightening that small companies are ignoring the risks of IT security threats. No matter what size business you are, a major security problem could bring all your systems to a halt.

‘This can have a serious impact on a business, in terms of lost sales, reduced productivity and damaged reputation. These are all dangers that no company can afford to ignore,’ he warned.

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