BASDA drops accounting from name

Previously known as the Business and Accounting Software Developers Association, the organisation will now be called the Business Application Software Developers Association.

The move follows an extensive survey of its members last year.

‘We are making the change to reflect the increasing diversity of the companies that want to join BASDA,’ said chief executive Dennis Keeling.

‘In the past 12 months 70 new members have joined BASDA to take part in our electronic commerce initiatives. Whilst all of those are application software developers and suppliers, not all of them supply accounting software,’ he added.

Keeling added the role of the body would continue to focus on software standards in areas including VAT, EMU and Payroll and that it would continue to be the voice of accounting software.

And BASDA wasn’t the only organisation indulging in new year rebranding. As of 1 January, Andersen Consulting rolled out its new name Accenture – a combination of the words accent and future. The name, which has raised a few eyebrows in the financial services industry, was conceived by Norweigian employee Kim Peterson.

Accenture CEO and managing partner Joe Forehand welcomed the change, which followed the consultancy’s divorce from Arthur Andersen five months ago.

‘We are putting a greater accent on the future as we reposition our organisation to become a market maker, builder and architect of the new economy,’ said Forehand.

‘Accenture will transcend the boundaries of traditional consulting and bring innovations that dramatically improve the way the world works and lives,’ he promised.


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