Sector unites over changes to self assessment

The ICAEW is expected to reveal this week how it will consult with HMRC and
the profession over the recommendation that self-assessment tax filing deadlines
are shortened, while calls have been made for awaiting bodies to team up in

ICAEW tax faculty head Frank Haskew was ‘keen to open dialogue and
discussion’ with all stakeholders affected by the plans. ‘Lots of things in the
review are unacceptable. I’m sure CCAB will join forces on this,’ added Chas
Roy-Chowdhury, head of taxation at ACCA.

Accountants’ hackles have also been raised over Lord Carter’s proposal to set
up an agents’ registration scheme including a ‘code of practice’ for
practitioners offering online tax services.

But Roy-Chowdhury questioned the likelihood of wide-ranging consultation as
HMRC had already accepted the review’s recommendations: ‘How much will
consultation be, and how much is already a done deal?’

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