Cindy McCain releases tax return

Cindy McCain, the wife of presidential candidate John McCain, has released
details of her recently filed 2007 federal tax return.

Mrs McCain, whose wealth has been estimated at more than $100m, received an
extension to file the 2007 return because she had not received all the
information necessary to complete the return, according to her husband’s

She derives much of her income from her chairmanship of Hensley & Co, an
Anheuser-Busch beer distributorship founded by her father, as well as from real
estate holdings.

The return shows that she received adjusted gross income of nearly $4.2m. The
bulk of that, over $2.8m, came from rental real estate, partnerships, S
corporations and trusts, according to business news web site WebCPA.

Mrs. McCain’s taxes totalled more than $1.1m, which included over $34,000 in
household employment taxes. She paid over $2m in taxes and applied for a refund
of $954,112.

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