New management on-board at the ICAEW


New chief executive Michael Izza

The ICAEW’s new leaders have taken their posts today at Moorgate Place.

Michael Izza officially takes over as
chief executive of the ICAEW, replacing Eric Anstee.

Izza has already given a general outline of his plans for the institute,
which will heavily involve carrying on the controversial strategy of
consolidation that was rebuffed in 2005.

He has announced a three-month period in which he will stamp his authority on
the role, and make further announcements on what he plans to achieve.

Richard Dyson, a partner at Ernst & Young, is the new president of the
ICAEW, taking over from Ian Morris.

Morris served 18 months in the role, six months longer than expected, due to
then-incoming president Graham Durgan stepping down over a controversy
surrounding a contract awarded by the institute to a company in which he was a
majority owner.

The institute also announced Martin Hagen as the institute’s new deputy
president, a role he will hold for 18 months before stepping up to replace David
Furst as deputy president.

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