Iris to pick up where Access left off

An aerospace components supplier has dropped Access Accounting software in
favour of Iris as it believes the company will provide better data integration.

JJ Churchill, a company with a £20m turnover, has signed a deal with Iris to
roll out its Exchequer system to provide enterprise resource planning,
accounting and business management replacing the current Access IT currently in

JJ installed Jobstop, a control and planning programme, which listed Sage,
Opera, Iris and Access as accounting systems that it could link to.

Originally the aerospace components company installed Opera and changed to
Access believing it would have better data integration. However the company has
said while using Access staff still had to manually input data.

Ken Patel, finance director JJ Churchill said: ‘ Purchases were a complete
nightmare whenever there was a need to drill down for further information. While
we could pick up some data electronically, there was no traceability as we were
unable to go back into ‘Jobshop’ from the accounting system.’

‘To overcome the problem, we had to follow the audit trail through the
journal that was prepared once a month so that we could analyse the purchases
but this was extremely time consuming and inefficient’ he added.

Patel said that it had originally preferred the Iris package over Access
eight years ago, but due to budgetary restraints decided to use Access.

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