TakingStock – It’s all gone down the tube

It’s fingers in the pie time again for the Big Five. This time it’s the debacle that is the London Underground – it seems that just about everyone is involved one way or another.

Deloitte & Touche has very publicly done the celebrated calculations for the mayor’s London Transport.

Meanwhile, PwC, as financial advisers to London Underground, has attempted a demolition job on the D&T report. It doesn’t stop there.

KPMG spent months pouring over the public sector comparator calculations, which it then passed on to the National Audit Office, who then handed it over to Ernst & Young to check.

Which just leaves Andersen twiddling its fingers in the sidings.

TS would love to know who is footing the bill for all these highly paid advisers. Expect an increase in tube fares imminently.

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