Government to step in to save retailers

The Insolvency Service gave its
first indications this week that it could attempt to reverse the adverse impact
the Trident ruling could have on the business rescue culture in England and

In the Trident case Justice David Richards said policy dictated that business
rates for both occupied and unoccupied properties should rank as an expense in
an administration.

The profession bemoaned the decision, warning that the upshot of the extra
cost could be businesses entering liquidation rather than being saved.

‘We are presently in the process of considering the likely implications of
the judgment with a view to assessing what remedies may be available to remove
or mitigate any consequent damage to the rescue culture,’ said an Insolvency
Service spokeswoman.

‘We would certainly not want the rescue culture fostered by the new style
administration regime to be jeopardised, if that indeed were to be the effect of
the judgment.’

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