Employees share scheme is way to boost economy: PKF

PKF has urged companies to improve employee share schemes in order to boost
economic recovery.

The advice comes after a National Endowment for Science, Technology and the
Arts research project found that just 6% of the largest companies in the UK were
responsible for creating up to 50% of all jobs.

PKF suggested improved incentives schemes are a cheaper way for the
chancellor to boost the economy on the back of the findings.

Philip Fisher, employment tax and rewards partner, PKF said: “If Alistair
Darling wants to announce some good news in next month’s Pre-Budget Report,
making employee share schemes more attractive is a great place to start.”

“Not only would such a move help growing businesses motivate staff, the long
term nature of such incentives sits well with the loudly proclaimed Government
distaste for the so called ‘bonus culture’,” he added.

Fisher said: To help companies motivate and keep their best people,
Chancellor Darling should announce a £250,000 limit next month. This will enable
smaller companies to recruit and retain key staff during the economic crisis
and, in doing so, help the country back to the good times.”

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