Late nights and loose wallets

Thank the stars it’s the weekend. TS has had a very long day, made even longer by our insistence on staying up until the early hours to watch the outcome of yesterday’s general election.

In the end it didn’t really seem worth it, given that the Looney’s, despite showing a lot of promise, managed to fall flat on their faces again. Maybe things will be different in five year’s time.

Link: Taking Stock blog

The late night wasn’t completely wasted though, as we managed to witness some of our accountancy chums being elected to serve in the new parliament. Although it wasn’t good news for all, especially the Lib Dems. Looks like woolly number crunchers just aren’t that palatable at the moment.

Our struggle against slumber was made harder today by a trawl through a long document on accounting convergence from the SEC. It was necessary though, as TS hasn’t a clue. Fortunately, our understanding was helped by a ver y useful diagram.

We did have a few spare minutes to dream of a time when we wouldn’t have to get up every morning. Then we panicked over having absolutely no pension plans. But, we’ve eventually decided not to worry about it too much, after all most accountants don’t seem too clu ed up about their plans for old age either.

Anyway, being in financial trouble may be good for you. If the DTI is to be believed, it’s actually pleased at a rise in the number of administrations.

It looks like the sun has just popped out, so before it disappears again, TS will dash off and find a nice quiet corner of the pub to have a nap in.


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