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SAP launches sustainability service

One of the largest financial software suppliers launches new technology to help businesses analyse return on investment on sustainability initiatives

Financial software giant, SAP, has launched a sustainability tool which it
claims will help businesses keep track of return on investment as well as its
key performance indicators on its environmental objectives reported

The SAP Business Objects
Sustainability Performance Management software will allow businesses to reduce
data collection when it comes to environmental information.

SAP claim the software will streamline internal and external reporting as
well as allowing users to create a centralised library of sustainability
performance indicators.

The technology also allows customers to examine and demonstrate return on
investment on its sustainability initiatives.

“Sustainability is increasingly mission-critical across the corporate world,”
said Stephen Stokes, vice president of Sustainability and Green Technologies at
AMR Research an advisory company for
IT executives.

“Managing and reporting an organisation’s sustainable performance via
transparent and high quality data collation, analysis, optimisation and modeling
is a new basis for defining and communicating operational excellence,” he added.

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