Anti-tax group promotes tax avoidance to celebs

Many US celebrities, including
Wesley Snipes,
believe they are exempt from taxation because of an obscure ‘interpretation’ of
the Internal Revenue Code
(IRC), often nothing more than a technique by certain groups to scam people out
of money through consulting fees and membership dues by convincing them they do
not owe tax to the government. reports that, according to the federal indictment
against Snipes, he became a member of the anti-tax group known as the
Rights Litigators
(ARL), which tax analysts told is known for
scamming its clients into believing in the ‘861 Argument’.

This so-called argument refers to Section 861 of the IRC, which groups such
as ARL say imposes taxes only on income made outside the US, therefore making
income earned within the US ineligible for taxation.

‘It’s a twisted reading of the federal tax code,’ said a US tax expert who
has testified before Congress on anti-tax movements. ‘It’s a cult belief.’ The
government argues that, under the direction of the ARL, Snipes used multiple
illegal tactics to avoid paying taxes.

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