Softworld: New Navision launch

Commerce Gateway – which will support B2B trade and communication – is expected to be launched 28 days after Microsoft launches its Biztalk Server 2000.

The Gateway which is based on Microsoft’s product, will allow businesses to exchange information over the web in a manner which will allow them to read the information without the need to rekey or convert data.

Managing director Yash Nagpal confirmed the launch for April next year providing Microsoft does not postpone its launch date.

Microsoft last week has admitted its BizTalk Server 2000 would not be ready until the first quarter of next year.

The delay over the server, which controls the exchange of ebusiness documents, was first uncovered in July after the software giant conceded it could be the last component of its Distributed Internet Architecture development tools to hit the market.

It was originally expected to launch last year. However speaking at Softworld, Nagpal, said: ‘We have no worries over the delay of Biztalk. It means that in the meantime we have an opportunity to educate our customers on how to bring about the technologies sensibly. It could be a blessing in disguise’.

The company also demonstrated its recently released e-business solutions Web Shop, Siebel E-business and ASP strategy.

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