MPs to question whether Treasury should be looking after nation’s finances

MPs on the Treasury Committee are launching an inquiry into whether thedepartment is the best way of managing the nation’s finances, controllingthe government’s finances and supervising major financial institutions.

They are likely to look at international comparisons – and examine theinternal workings of the bureaucracy all other bureaucrats fear most.

The committee is calling for the submission of written evidence by Easterand intend to start holding evidential sessions with key witnesses early inthe summer.

It will ‘examine the expenditure and administration of the Treasury; theprovision of information by and to the department; and relationships betweenthe Treasury and other executive bodies in the UK.’

The committee has just completed a three-month inquiry with a report urgingthe government to merge Customs and Excise with the Inland Revenue as soonas the latter has finished swallowing up the Contributions Agency – formingone huge Revenue department.

In the meantime they want the boards ruinning the two departments to beamalgamated.

Customs & Excise hits back at Treasury Committee call for merger with Inland Revenue

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