Public FDs given own 100 Group

Gordon Brown may object to the views of the
Group of Finance Directors
on tax issues, but he has paid it the ultimate
compliment in opting to emulate the group in a public sector format.

The government’s top FDs are to meet as part of a new group – dubbed the
‘Government Hundred Group’ – to improve government accounting from next month.

Up to 130 of those controlling the largest sums of public money, including
not just Whitehall FDs but also FDs of the BBC and the Bank of England, will
meet as part of a group to share best practice as well as promote bright finance
directors coming through the system. Mary Keegan, the head of the government
accountancy service, reveals the move in a rare interview in Accountancy Age
this week.

‘We all come from very different backgrounds to share best practice, and in
part as a support community. It will be a way we as a community can develop
bright people coming through, talk about career opportunities,’ she says.

Zarin Patel, from the BBC, will be there as will Warwick Jones from the Bank
of England. Sir David Tweedie is set to give a speech about IFRS to the group in
the autumn.

In the interview she also makes revealing comments about IFRS and bringing
PFI onto the government’s balance sheet, and discusses ongoing issues with
public sector accounts.

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