Ireland most hassle-free in EU for paying corp tax

A newly released report by
(PwC), the World Bank
and the International Finance
IFC found Ireland outranked all EU on ease of paying taxes,
followed by Denmark, in second place, and Luxembourg, third.

The UK ranked fourth in the EU and 16 globally for ease of paying taxes,
followed by The Netherlands, Estonia, Latvia, Sweden, Lithuania, Greece,
Belgium, France, Portugal, Slovenia, Germany, Spain, Austria, Bulgaria, Finland
and Hungary, while Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy, Poland and Romania had the
most complex tax regimes.

Paying Taxes 2009, the third report in an annual series, which is expected to
engender more dialogue between governments and businesses on improving tax
systems, shows tax authorities worldwide are overhauling tax systems by reducing
taxes, streamlining administrative processes and modernising payment systems.

In all, the report shows 36 economies made it easier to pay taxes. The most
popular reforms were reducing corporate income tax rates (in 21 economies) and
improving electronic filing and payments systems efficiency (in 12 economies).
On average, corporate income tax accounts for only 13% of tax payments, 26% of
compliance time, and 37% of the total tax rate.

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