Code Red wriggles into version two

Although there is some dispute over whether this is the second or third variant of the virus known as a worm, one thing the experts do agree on is that its payload is more destructive this second time around.

The Home Office has jumped on the bandwagon and issued a warning about the ‘more dangerous’ variant of the worm.

The government’s Unified Incident Reporting and Alert Scheme (UNIRAS) said that serious disruption is possible if hackers exploit their control of the infected computer systems to attack the internet’s structure or to target specific sites.

However, the Home Office release was less hysterical than the original warning from the US government and the FBI.

UNIRAS acknowledged that the spread of the virus was ‘unlikely to significantly affect the whole internet infrastructure’.

But despite the new tricks used by the worm, this variant of Code Red can still be defended against by installing the original patch from the Microsoft website, available here.

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