SAP pushes for jury decision on Oracle lawsuit

SAP has called for a jury to decide the outcome of a feud over intellectual
property rights with rival software company Oracle.

The dispute dates back to 2007 when Oracle accused SAP of using a software
business it had bought from Oracle, TomorrowNow, to commit ‘corporate theft…on
the grandest scale.’

SAP bought TomorrowNow from Oracle in 2005. Oracle has since claimed that
TomorrowNow employees (now at SAP) stole software and technical support
information from Oracle.

SAP has admitted some of the claims but denies allegations that it
intentionally infringed Oracle’s intellectual property and gained a competitive

In a statement reported on ITPro a spokesperson for SAP said: ‘This
case … is simply about whether TomorrowNow exceeded its rights to access
Plaintiffs’ computers, whether that harmed Plaintiffs, and, if so, by how much’.

However the case will not come to court until February 2010.

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