CIPFA looks to fast-track qualification

So far only the English ICA has reacted positively by agreeing to the request while CIMA and ACCA – in a sign that competition is heating up between the bodies – have displayed signs of reluctance to help.

The new qualification is a two-exam conversion procedure, which allows members of other bodies to become dual qualified with CIPFA.

Recently announced success in attracting more students to the institute provides a background for the new qualification and signals a determined effort by CIPFA to build on improving numbers.

Sources close to the initiative said the drive to recruit is becoming ever more competitive between the different bodies.

‘Anyone who tells you different is lying,’ they added.

CIPFA believes the new qualification will give accountants extra flexibility in career development.

Director of education and training Ken Gill said: ‘The launch of the fast track scheme arises out of demand from employers and students. Employers will benefit and individuals will be able to enhance their career prospects significantly.’

Fast-track students will sit only two exams, the finance and management case study and financial reporting and accountability.

CIPFA really is popular, say chiefs as they hit back at critics

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