Divine debt intervention

The Credit Services Association has revealed excuses for not paying touch on the humourous and veer towards the bizarre. From ‘the director’s been shot,’ to ‘I’ll pay when God tells me to.’ The CSA reveals one classic receptionist’s line is: ‘The director’s in Barbados – I can’t possibly bother him.’

The most shocking is the business who told one debt chaser every month the names of its creditors went into a hat and if he kept calling his name wouldn’t even go into the hat.

The CSA survey, which attempted to unearth the most frequently used excuse for non payment, found one woman refused to pay a vet’s bill because her dog couldn’t have puppies. The most ironic tale of debt concerned the man who withheld payment from a mail order company after receiving the title How to be Successful in Business – because he hadn’t been successful.

Late payment problems intensify

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