NAO says Sir John’s car may be put on books

The National Audit
has been forced to admit that it is looking at the disclosure of
further previously undisclosed benefits received by comptroller general Sir John

Following revelations in Private Eye magazine that Sir John is taken
to and from work in a chauffeur-driven car without declaring any benefit in the
NAO’s annual report, a spokesman has admitted: ‘We will be considering the
approach to disclosure for the 2007/08 accounts.’

Accounts for departments whose heads receive a similar perk do reveal the
benefit in their remuneration reports. HMRC chairman Paul Gray, for example, is
shown in receipt of a benefit from the private use of an official car.

Coming after revelations that benefits arising from Sir John’s wife’s travel
expenses were not reported as benefits, the latest disclosure will further
embarrass the body responsible for auditing government.

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