Letter bomb suspect arrested

A man in his 20’s has been arrested in Cambridge in connection with the
letter bomb attacks.

Police confirmed today that the arrest, at about 3am this morning, was made
at Cherry Hinton, the BBC

The suspect – thought to be the culprit behind the seven letter bombs sent to
several companies including accountants
Vantis – is being detained at an
undisclosed address.

A police spokesman said forensic teams were conducting thorough searches at
the suspect’s residence, which could last for ‘several days.’

Five of the letter bombs were sent to companies which had a direct link to
road enforcement authorities.

Vantis, in particular, is understood to be the accountants for a speed camera
company, which uses the firm’s Wokingham address as its business address.

Other letter bombs went off in Folkestone, Kent, London, Berkshire, Cambridge
and Swansea.

At least nine people have been injured in the blasts.

Where the letter bombs exploded
1 Forensic Science Service, Chelmsley Wood – 18 Jan 2007
2 Orchid Cellmark, Abingdon, Oxon – 18 Jan 2007
3 LGC Forensics, Culham, nr Abingdon – 18 Jan 2007
4 Private house, Folkestone, Kent – 3 Feb 2007
5 Capita, London – 5 Feb 2007
6 Vantis, Wokingham, Berks – 6 Feb 2007
7 DVLA, Swansea – 7 Feb 2007

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